15 April 2013

Cent Jours

Cent Jours is a project that i am preparing with Richar Vilbor, the writter, to France. For the moment we haven´t get it but we go to good way. I keep you informed. I wait all you like it. Cheers!

01 March 2013


Valentia from Smashing Films on Vimeo.

Presentation of the book in the comic store FUTURAMA.

11 December 2012

Los Profesionales de la Playa

During one year I coordinate this project with Santi Selvi. In this book had participate 36 valencian authors and all stories talk about this city and their citizens. Los profesionales de la playa ( The Professionals of the beach) is the story that i drawed. You can buy this Comic-book in all Libraries and comic-shops of Spain. And if you want to know more check our website. Valentia.

15 October 2012

Columbus Zoo

This job was made for a commercial to the Columbus Zoo.  Vando contacted to me to do the Character desing and the Storyboard.  I enjoyed a lot doing it. You can wacth the video in their website.  VANDO.

06 December 2011


I have created this character design to the Rigger,Victor Vinyals. The design is between one of my favorite own characters, my caricature and the things that Victor wants for his Rig. Check his website, his work is amazing.

19 September 2011

Characters Design

Some characters design for the same tv series like the backgrounds. Els Extraordinaris at 23Lunes. I had 4 hours in the timeline by character. Sometimes someone is more creative if he doesnt have time to do it. His brain only can search a clear idea to make it.

18 September 2011


I made this backgrounds for the TVseries "Els Extraordinaris" at 23Lunes. I enjoyed a lot doing it because it was my first job like a concept artist. And if you check his website you can watch that they have a lot talent in 3D productions. And it`s a good place to work.

23 November 2010

Hugo Garcia

Hugo Garcia, the great animator of barcelona has a new web. Check it. http://www.hugo-garcia.com/

Jordi Oñate

My friend Jordi Oñate cut his hair too much. It is the Picture just he left´s from the hairdressing salon.

Skurek Concept Art

Sometimes born someone that he doesnt feel nothing when kill someone but he feels something when he has to kill someone already dead because it is a Zombie.

17 May 2010


This concept i did for the shortfilm made by Llorenç Borras. You can watch it in his website.



This Character i designed for a comic which was writte by my friend Santi Selvi. This project is in procces still. I hope one day finish it.

Skurek: BrainStorming

16 May 2010

Attitude Poses

This Sketches i made for Animationmentor for study the differents body expressions.

02 January 2010


Once upon a time lived a man with a extraordinary force. In the beggining he worked in a circus to show his talent around the world. But one day the destiny changed his way. He became a Captain of a little team with superpowers. His name was Mr Da Da Daaa.. Now his name is Iñaki Imaz.

09 April 2009

The Troglodita

It is an idea to do other shortfilm with the character that i created with David Llopis in 2005. The Troglodita. Modeling by Lorena G. Romero. I dont know if we will do a shortfilm finally because we never have time but if i can to draw all my ideas using the storyboards i will be happy.

06 October 2008

Cape Fear (1962)

Yestarday I watched this movie. Meanwhile I tried draw the main characters without stop it. This is the result.


Here is my nephew playing with his imaginary pet. You can check that he always wins. He is the best.
Ahhhh!! look! he wears the mask of Mr. Incredible. He is a superhero too.
But like all childrens he has to drink water each five minutes and he has to piss so often.